Dock Builders, Boat Docks, Boat Lifts, & Boat Lift Service in Knoxville, TN area.

About Us


Quality Craftsmanship

In his 25+ years as a Builder, Framer, and Commercial Carpenter, Wes Musgrave has earned a reputation for the quality work that he delivers. Since 1999, he has carried that reputation over to the dock building industry where he had the privilege of being mentored by Ron Godfrey, former managing partner of Lakefront Marine Contractors, LLC.

Quality Products

Boat Docks, Community Docks, Marinas, Boat Lifts, Personal Watercraft Lifts, and Dock Accessories.  The list of services provided by Lakefront Docks & Lifts doesn’t stop there.  We also remodel and repair boat docks and lifts.  We provide the services necessary to keep your dock and lift in working order, so that you can focus on enjoying the fun side of being a dock owner.


“Our mission at Lakefront Docks & Lifts is to give you the highest quality product at the fairest price possible.”  ~Wes Musgrave